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Karate Practice


Foley's Family Karate was started around 1980 by

Sensei Dennis Foley, after he took over the existing Stratford Martial Arts Dojo.  Fast forward to today, the Dojo is run by his son,

Sensei Steven Foley, who  also later opened the Kitchener, Ontario Dojo in 1994.  At our Dojos, we have 5 basic principles:

"To seek Perfection of Character

Be Faithful,


Respect Others,

Refrain from all violent action."

We believe that Martial Artists are Artists of Life, and so at our Dojo we reinforce traditional values that help our students navigate the many challenges in life that they will face.  Teaching respect, patience, dedication and focus is our passion, and we believe that these values are just as important as the physical, self-defence aspect of Karate.  Our Dojos in Kitchener and Stratford, Ontario have top-notch instructors with decades of combined experience.


About Sensei Foley

Sensei Steven Foley has been a Martial Artist for over 50 years and has happily served the Kitchener & Stratford areas by passing on his knowledge to his students.  A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Sensei Foley applies the principles of muscle and body movement into his Martial Arts teaching, thus providing a logical and practical approach to self-defence.  Taught by Sensei Dennis Farbatiuk at a young age, Sensei Foley was shown the traditional Martial Arts teachings of O'Sensei Richard Kim.  O'Sensei Kim is the founder of the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai International, the organization of which Foley's Family Karate is a proud member. 

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