Scorekeeper Duties for Sparring Divisions - Time Keeping & Point cards

Tie-Breaking Procedure

The Dojo Creed

Dojo Terms and their Meanings

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Foley's Family Karate

General Sparring Set-up Guidelines

Explanations of how Sparring Divisions are set up for Tournament Competition:

The following videos are meant to explain how Sparring Divisions are set up for Tournament Competition.  Often, spectators don't see the set-up and therefore have trouble understanding why one competitor only got one match, but the next competitor got to spar again, even though both of these competitors lost their first matches....

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Scorekeepers Duties for Kata & Weapons Divisions

Example of setting up a 6-person sparring division

Setting up a 3-person sparring division

Explanations of how Sparring Divisions are set up for Tournament Competition:
Video:  General sparring set-up guidelines
Video:  Setting up a 6 person sparring division
Video:  My way of setting up a 3 person sparring division

Duties of Tournament Scorekeepers:
Video:  Scorekeeper duties for Kata/Weapons Divisions
Video:  Tie-Breaking Procedure
Video:  Scorekeeper duties for Sparring Divisions - the Flowchart
Video:  Scorekeeper duties for Sparring Divisions - time-keeping and point-cards

References for New Students:
Video:  How to tie a Gi jacket
Video:  How to tie a Martial Arts Belt
Video:  Proper Dojo Etiquette
Video:  Kneeling and Bowing Etiquette
Video:  Bowing to a partner

Sound file:  How to say the Japanese numbers

Duties of Tournament Scorekeepers:

For those generous people who volunteered to give their time to help out by being a Scorekeeper.... First of all, Thank You!  

And, here are a few videos to help familiarize you with the job.

Scorekeeper Duties for Sparring Divisions - The Flowchart

Please note, this page is still under construction... the videos presented below are still in "rough draft" stages.  Hopefully, the videos will get the message across in this state.


1)  We shall strive to build and perfect our character;

2) We shall be faithful and sincere in our study;

3) We shall endeavor to excel, putting maximum effort into all that we do;

4)  We shall respect others and display courtesy;

5)  We shall develop self-control, in order to refrain from violence and uncontrolled behavior.

References for New Students:

When you are new to the dojo, there is a lot to learn... Here are some things you can study and practice at home so you can be better at the dojo....